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Cindy Satterfield et al. v. Ameritech Mobile Communications, et al., Case no. 2017-0684

Embassy Healthcare v. Cora S. Bell, Case no. 2017-1031

State of Ohio v. Dustin Bishop, Case nos. 2017-1715 and 2017-1716

TUESDAY, JULY 17, 2018

Barclay Petroleum Inc. v. Matthew Bailey, trustee of the Bailey Family Trust dated 1/12/2007 et al., Case no. 2017-1387

State of Ohio v. Adam R. Cupp, Case nos. 2017-1547 and 2017-1701

David M. Blackstone et al. v. Susan E. Moore et al., Case no. 2017-1639

In re Application Alice Auclair Jones, Case no. 2018-0496

TUESDAY, JUNE 26, 2018

State of Ohio v. Anthony Apanovitch, Case no. 2016-0696

In the Matter of the Application of Ohio Power Company for Authority to Establish a Standard Service Offer, Case no. 2017-0749; and In the Matter of the Application Seeking Approval of Ohio Power Company’s Proposal to Enter into an Affiliate Power Purchase Agreement, Case no. 2017-0752

George Daher v. Cuyahoga Community College District et al., Case no. 2017-0828

Disciplinary Counsel v. Richard A. Oviatt, Case no. 2018-0537


The Cincinnati Reds v. Joseph W. Testa, Tax Commission of Ohio, Case no. 2017-0854

City of Girard v. John A. Giordano, Case no. 2017-1069

TUESDAY, JUNE 12, 2018

State of Ohio v. James R. Goff, Case no. 2017-0021

Ohio Northern University v. Charles Construction Services v. KCL Framing LLC, et al., Case no. 2017-0514

State of Ohio v. Edwin A. Vega, Case no. 2017-0618

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TUESDAY, MAY 22, 2018

Cynthia Boyd; Thomas Flanders v. Kingdom Trust Company; PENSCO Trust Company; John Does 1-25, Case no. 2017-1336

Disciplinary Counsel v. Robert M. Owens, Case no. 2018-0257

Mahoning County Bar Association v. Michael V. Sciortino, Case no. 2018-0259

Pamela Portee et al. v. Cleveland Clinic Foundation et al., Case no. 2017-0616

TUESDAY, MAY 8, 2018

Daniel Stolz v. J.B. Steel Erectors et al., Case no. 2017-1245

Trumbull County Bar Association v. John H. Large, Case no. 2018-0250

Disciplinary Counsel v. Harlan D. Karp, Case no. 2018-0254

Thomas Dundics et al. v. Eric Petroleum Corporation et al., Case no. 2017-0448

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State of Ohio v. James L. Dunson, Case no. 2017-0186

Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. v. A. Christopher M. Burd, Case no. 2017-0279

City of Toledo v. State of Ohio et al., Case no. 2017-0327

East Manufacturing Corp. v. Joseph W. Testa, Ohio Tax Commissioner, Case no. 2017-0666


National Collegiate Athletic Association et al. v. Steven Schmitz et al., Case no. 2017-0098

State of Ohio v. Darin K. Ireland, Case no. 2017-0344

State of Ohio v. Jeffrey Bowshier, Case no. 2017-0936


In Re LMD Integrated Logistic Services Inc., Case no. 2016-1442

In the Matter of the Complaint of Harris Design Services v. Columbia Gas of Ohio Inc., Case no. 2017-0436

Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association v. Steven Jerome Moody, Case no. 2017-1738

Columbus Bar Association v. David P. Rieser, Case no. 2017-1741

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TUESDAY, FEB. 27, 2018

Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation v. Michael Cirino et al., Case no. 2017-0179

Columbus Bar Association v. Bradley D. Keating, Case no. 2017-1740

State of Ohio v. Anthony Carnes, Case no. 2017-0087

WEDNESDAY, FEB. 14, 2018

Worthington City Schools Board of Education et. al. v. Franklin County Board of Revision et. al., Case no. 2017-0003

State of Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation v. Loretta M. Verlinger, et al., Case no. 2017-0102

Judith Pelletier v. City of Campbell et al., Case no. 2017-0088

TUESDAY, FEB. 13, 2018

Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow, Jeremy Aker, et al. v. Ohio Department of Education, Case no. 2017-0913

Union Carbide Corporation et al. v. Bobby Turner et al., Case no. 2017-0004

State of Ohio v. Demetrius Jackson, Case no. 2017-0145

The Bank of New York Mellon v. Susan L. Rhiel, trustee, Case no. 2017-0870

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THURSDAY, JAN. 25, 2018

Bronx Park South III Lancaster LLC and Fairmont Lancaster LLC v. Fairfield County Board of Revision et al., Case no. 2016-1468

David Kane Smith et al. v. Kristen Elliott-Thomas, Case no. 2017-0693

Columbus Bar Association v. John. J. Okuley, Case no. 2017-1417

WEDNESDAY, JAN. 24, 2018

State of Ohio v. Willie G. Wilks Jr., Case no. 2014-1035

Portage County Board of Developmental Disabilities v. Portage County Educators’ Association for Developmental Disabilities, Case no. 2017-0696

Disciplinary Counsel v. John W. Gold, Case no. 2017-1411

TUESDAY, JAN. 23, 2018

Paulette Kolosai, administrator of the Estate of Nicholas Giancola v. Haitham M. Azem, M.D. et al., Case no. 2016-1584

State of Ohio v. Alexis Martin, Case no. 2016-1891

State of Ohio v. Maurice Mason, Case no. 2017-0200

Cincinnati Bar Association v. Justin E. Fernandez, Case no. 2017-1409

WEDNESDAY, JAN. 11, 2018

James A Wilson v. William Lawrence, Executor, Case no. 2015-2081

In re Application of Shamir L. Coll, Case no. 2016-1243

Audrey Clendenin v. Girl Scouts of Western Ohio and Administrator, Bureau of Worksers’ Compensation, Case no. 2015-1993

TUESDAY, JAN. 10, 2016

State of Ohio v. Joseph L. Thomas, Case no. 2012-2026

Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association v. Kenneth Ronald Donchatz, Case no. 2016-0859

City of Dayton v. State of Ohio, Case no. 2015-1549

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