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Judicial College Webinar Focuses on Minimizing Appellate Conflicts in Juvenile Custody Cases

Juvenile judges and magistrates wanting to know the best procedures for ensuring justice for vulnerable children are encouraged to attend a webinar on Friday, September 7.

The Ohio Supreme Court Judicial College will host a webinar on “Permanent Custody in Abuse, Neglect, Dependency Update” for judges and magistrates to discuss the topic of permanent custody for Ohio’s youth from 1-3:45 p.m.

The course will examine the best practices that can be employed by hearing officers in order to ensure better outcomes for juveniles involved in life-altering cases. The judges will also discuss evidentiary issues, evaluate effective written decision-writing, discuss case law, and critique methods to minimize appellate conflicts.

Ohio Supreme Court Justice Judith Ann Lanzinger will present the perspective of the state’s highest court. Other faculty members include Judge Kathleen L. Giesler with the Ottawa County Probate and Juvenile Court, Judge Susan Brown with the Tenth District Court of Appeals, and Judge Anthony Capizzi with the Montgomery County Juvenile Court.

“These permanent custody cases are the most scrutinized because they can affect children for the rest of their lives,” Justice Lanzinger said. “We hope that our webinar will encourage new insights among those who have the responsibility for making these life-altering decisions.  I think that all of us will learn from each other.”

The course is approved for 2.5 continuing judicial education credit hours. More than 100 participants across Ohio are expected to attend the course. Judges and magistrates should register by August 30.