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Ten Cases Certified to Attorney Discipline Board

The Ohio Supreme Court’s Board of Commissioners on Grievances & Discipline today announced ten cases recently certified to the board by a probable cause panel.

In each case, a certified complaint has been sent to the respondent, and the respondent has been asked to file an answer to the allegations contained in the complaint. Once an answer is received, the case will be assigned to a three-member hearing panel of the board, and the hearing panel will conduct further proceedings in the case.

Typically, a public hearing is scheduled within four to six months after the case is assigned to a hearing panel. Please consult the Upcoming Hearings schedule for a monthly schedule of board hearings. Contact the board’s office at 614.387.9370 to confirm that a hearing will be held as scheduled or for more information about a case. Case documents can be obtained via e-mail upon request.

If the board finds that a lawyer or judge has engaged in professional misconduct, the board will file a report with the Supreme Court that includes a recommended sanction. The Supreme Court is responsible for reviewing the case record and imposing discipline.

An asterisk (*) denotes a waiver of probable cause by the respondent that results in immediate certification of the case to the board. To access the complaints in these cases, click on the individual case numbers below.

*Disciplinary Counsel, Relator v. Aaron Ronald Scheeler, Respondent
Case No. 2014-066
Respondent’s address: 4650 Beard Road, Sunbury
Respondent’s counsel: None

*Disciplinary Counsel, Relator v. Charles Allan Runser, Respondent
Case No. 2014-067
Respondent’s address: 111 East Main Street, Suite 105, Van Wert
Respondent’s counsel: None

Cincinnati Bar Association, Relator v. David Franklin Robertson, Respondent
Case No. 2014-068
Respondent’s address: 11137 Main Street, Cincinnati
Respondent’s counsel: None

Disciplinary Counsel, Relator v. Timothy Eric Bellew, Respondent
Case No. 2014-069
Respondent’s address: 7695 Glen Oaks Drive, NE, Warren
Respondent’s counsel: None

Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association, Relator v. Marvin Hermann Schiff, Respondent
Case No. 2014-070
Respondent’s address: 1303 Croyden Road, Cleveland
Respondent’s counsel: None

Disciplinary Counsel, Relator v. Mohammed Noure Alo, Respondent
Case No. 2014-071
Respondent’s address: 4249 Easton Way Suite 125, Columbus
Respondent’s counsel: None

Columbus Bar Association, Relator v. Sean Christopher Mowery & Jonathan Charles Schirg, Respondents
Case No. 2014-072
Respondent’s address: 20 South Third Street, S-210, Columbus (Mowery);
1711 Jupiter Avenue, Hilliard (Schirg)
Respondents’ counsel: Charles J. Kettlewell

Disciplinary Counsel, Relator v. Erin Geralyn Rosen, Respondent
Case No. 2014-073
Respondent’s address: 635 West 7th Street, Suite 401, Cincinnati
Respondent’s counsel: None

Cincinnati Bar Association, Relator v. Robert Hansford Hoskins, Respondent
Case No. 2014-074
Respondent’s address: 1040 Richwood Avenue, Cincinnati
Respondent’s counsel: None

Disciplinary Counsel, Relator v. Mattheuw William Oberholtzer, Respondent
Case No. 2014-075
Respondent’s address: 1075 Bellflower Road NW, Minerva
Respondent’s counsel: None

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