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Court of Claims: Decision Reversed in Dentures Refund Case

In re: Jeffrey A. Childers, Case No. 2014-00409 VI

A man who wanted compensation for dentures lost during an August 2011 assault will receive funds for a replacement in a Court of Claims of Ohio case that reversed a decision made by Attorney General Mike DeWine.

Jeffrey Childers – a victim of the 2011 altercation – took off his dentures before the fight, but when police arrived on scene they were gone. Childers told police about the missing dentures but it was not noted in police reports. Childers was considered a “victim of criminally injurious conduct as a result of the assault” and he was awarded $319. DeWine denied Childers’ request, though, for dental expenses due to “the lack of supporting documentation.”

Childers, who was acting as his own attorney, said he didn’t have documentation because his dentures were 20 years old. He also said he couldn’t afford to visit a dentist or pay for a new set of dentures.

Commissioners for the Court of Claims’ Victims of Crime Division said Childers’ request was not unreasonable and reversed the March 25, 2014 decision.

“We found applicant’s testimony credible and are convinced but for the assault his dentures would not have been lost,” the commissioners wrote.

The case will head back to DeWine so he can calculate the economic loss incurred by Childers, which includes a replacement pair of dentures.

The Court of Claims has jurisdiction to hear appeals from attorney general decisions on claims filed under the Victims of Crime Compensation Program.

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