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Gauze Left in Woman During Botched Surgery Costs University of Toledo Medical Center $251,000

Tina Carroll v. University of Toledo Medical Center, Case No. 2014-00722

A Toledo woman who suffered from internal injuries in the pelvic region after several botched surgeries, including one where a University of Toledo Medical Center (UTMC) doctor left a piece of surgical gauze in her body, will receive nearly $251,000 in a settlement approved on Aug. 5 by the Ohio Court of Claims.

Tina Carroll claimed that three UTMC doctors performed several botched surgeries on her, starting in March 2013, when Dr. John Geisler left a piece of gauze in her body. Dr. Geisler also performed three other surgeries on Carroll throughout the year for urological issues.

According to court documents, Carroll’s attorneys stated that Dr. Geisler was negligent in his standard of medical care, which caused bladder leaks and infections among other injuries. They said Carroll has “permanent and partially disabling” wounds that decrease her quality of life.

In the complaint, Carroll also sued two other UTMC doctors who performed surgery on her following an appointment in April 2013. All three doctors were later dismissed from the suit because they weren’t a state entity – a requirement for filing a lawsuit in the Court of Claims.

Attorneys representing the hospital stated that Carroll accepted risk of injury when she signed an informed consent and said the hospital wasn’t at fault because her injuries were the result of causes unrelated to the gauze left in her body and the other surgeries performed.

In the settlement, UTMC will give Carroll $250,986. In exchange for the money, Carroll agrees to not file any future claims with the hospital. UTMC didn’t admit liability in the settlement.

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