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WEDNESDAY, July 13, 2022

State of Ohio v. Kristen Ramunas, Case No. 2021-1380

State of Ohio v. Tytus Bailey, Case No. 2021-1432

State of Ohio v. Michael P. Ashcraft, Case No. 2021-1491

In re Adoption of H.P., Case No. 2022-0159

TUESDAY, July 12, 2022

State of Ohio v. Zacary L. Fisk, Case No. 2021-1047

State of Ohio v. Tyler Morris aka Tyler Mullins, Case No. 2021-1158

TWISM Enterprises LLC, doing business as valuCADD Solutions v. State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Surveyors, Case No. 2021-1440

In re Establishing the Solar Generation Fund Rider Pursuant to R.C. 3706.46, Case No. 2021-1374

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THURSDAY, June 16, 2022

Jane Doe 1, a minor, et al. v. Greenville City Schools et al., Case No. 2021-0980

State of Ohio v. Jon Troisi et al., Case No. 2021-1182

State of Ohio v. Ralph E. Bortree, Case No. 2021-1254

WEDNESDAY, June 15, 2022

State of Ohio v. Tysean Martin, Case No. 2021-0967

Willow Grove Ltd. v. Olmsted Township Board of Zoning Appeals et al., Case No. 2021-1087

State of Ohio v. Kristofer D. Garrett, Case No. 2019-1381

TUESDAY, June 14, 2022

State of Ohio v. Cronie W. Lloyd, Case No. 2021-0860

State of Ohio v. Kyle Brasher, Case No. 2021-1060

Bonita Stewart v. Solutions Community Counseling and Recovery Centers Inc. et al., Case No. 2021-1163

State of Ohio v. Susan Gwynne, Case No. 2021-1033

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WEDNESDAY, May 25, 2022

In re D.R., Case No. 2021-0934

Laura Valentine v. Cedar Fair LP, Case No. 2021-0981

State ex rel. Candy Bowling et al. v. Michael DeWine et al., Case No. 2021-1062

State of Ohio v. Kandle Messenger, Case No. 2021-0944

TUESDAY, May 24, 2022

Anthony McClain v. State of Ohio, Case No. 2021-0718

Estate of Jennings Fleenor v. County of Ottawa doing business as Ottawa County Riverview Nursing Home, Case No. 2021-1004

Hunter Morey v. Savanna Campbell and Carol and Rick Speelman, Case No. 2021-1199

State of Ohio v. Michael Stansell, Case No. 2021-0948

WEDNESDAY, May 11, 2022

State of Ohio v. Jaquan Jackson and Allegheny Casualty Company and Daniel Seifu, Case No. 2021-0742

Robert Bliss et al. v. Johns Manville et al., Case No. 2021-0800

State of Ohio v. Davis A. Hill, Case No. 2021-0913

TUESDAY, May 10, 2022

State of Ohio v. Tracy K. McNeal, Case No. 2021-0744

Tuscarawas County Public Defender’s Office v. Kristy Goudy, Case No. 2021-0831

In re T.A., a minor child, Case No. 2021-1018

Butler County Bar Association v. Dennis C. Mahoney, Case No. 2022-0155

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WEDNESDAY, April 27, 2022

State of Ohio v. Emile L. Weaver, Case No. 2021-0622

State of Ohio v. Alan Schubert, Case No. 2021-0761

State of Ohio v. Andre Sanford, Case No. 2021-0801

TUESDAY, April 26, 2022

State of Ohio v. Austin M. Fuell, Case No. 2021-0794

State of Ohio v. Richard M. Hough, Case No. 2021-0998

In re J.F. and J.A.F., Case No. 2021-1172

State of Ohio ex rel. Christopher Hicks v. Clermont County Board of Commissioners, Case No. 2021-0611

WEDNESDAY, April 13, 2022

Navistar Inc. v. Dutchmaid Logistics Inc., Case No. 2021-0719

State of Ohio v. Marquis Bollar, Case Nos. 2021-0756 and 2021-0769

City of Maple Heights v. Netflix Inc. and Hulu LLC, Case No. 2021-0864

TUESDAY, April 12, 2022

State of Ohio v. Frank Lewis, Case No. 2021-0691

Disciplinary Counsel v. Judge Pinkey S. Carr, Case No. 2021-1518

State of Ohio v. Terry Barnes Sr., Case No. 2021-0670

State of Ohio v. Chaz Bunch, Case No. 2021-0579

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WEDNESDAY, March 30, 2022

State of Ohio v. David Belville, Case No. 2021-0483

Amanda Brandt v. Roy Pompa, et al., Case No. 2021-0497

State of Ohio v. Martin L. Hatton, Case No. 2021-0704

In re: K.K., et al., Case Nos. 2021-0822 and 2021-0857

TUESDAY, March 29, 2022

State of Ohio v. Vernon L. Yontz, II, Case No. 2021-0382

State of Ohio v. Jackie Jackson, Case No. 2021-0452

Orlando Hudson v. Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority, Case No. 2021-0478

State of Ohio v. Eric Bellamy, Case No. 2021-0481

WEDNESDAY, March 9, 2022

Michael Walling, Administrator of the Estate of Raeann Walling, Deceased v. Ransford S. Brenya, M.D., et al., Case No. 2021-0241

State of Ohio v. Jeremy Stutler, Case No. 2021-0428

Brian M. Ames v. Rootstown Township Board of Trustees, Case No. 2021-0706

State of Ohio v. Monai Sherea Brown, Case No. 2022-0392

TUESDAY, March 8, 2022

State of Ohio v. Victoria Michelle Drain, Case No. 2020-0652

State of Ohio v. Denny W. Blanton Jr., Case No. 2021-0172

Karen Michael [F.K.A. Miller] v. David Miller (Appeal by Cody Miller, Third-Party Appellant/Cross-Appellee.), Case No. 2021-0361

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WEDNESDAY, Feb. 9, 2022

Portage County Educators Association for Developmental Disabilities - Unit B, OEA/NEA v. State Employment Relations Board, Case No. 2021-0190 and 2021-0191

State of Ohio v. Ernie E. Haynes, Case No. 2021-0215

Village of Newburgh Heights, et al. v. State of Ohio, Case No. 2021-0247

State of Ohio v. Gerry L. Moore, Sr., Case No. 2022-0266

TUESDAY, Feb. 8, 2022

State of Ohio v. David S. Hansard, Case No. 2021-0019

Vasile Bunta v. Firman D. Mast, Case No. 2021-0066

Neuro-Communication Services Inc., etc., v. The Cincinnati Insurance Company; The Cincinnati Casualty Company; and The Cincinnati Indemnity Company, Case No. 2021-0130

State of Ohio v. G.K., Case No. 2021-0124

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WEDNESDAY, Jan. 26, 2022

Cynthia Clawson v. Heights Chiropractic Physicians, LLC, et al., Case No. 2020-1574

State of Ohio v. Shannon Kidd, Case No. 2021-0026

Doreen Barrow, et al. v. Village of New Miami, Case No. 2021-0151/

Michael P. French et al. v. Ascent Resources - Utica, LLC., Case No. 2021-0166

TUESDAY, Jan. 25, 2022

Christina Cruz, et al. v. English Nanny & Governess School, et al., Case No. 2020-1247

State of Ohio v. Nigel J. Brunson, Case No. 2020-1505

NASCAR Holdings, Inc., et al. v. Jeffrey A. McClain, Tax Commissioner of Ohio, et al., Case No. 2021-0578

Medina County Bar Association v. Russell Anthony Buzzelli, Case No. 2021-1233

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