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Supreme Court Adopts Amendments to Rules of Practice

The Ohio Supreme Court today announced the adoption of amendments to the rules that govern how cases are filed and proceed before the Supreme Court. The changes result from a biennial review of the rules by the Court’s Office of the Clerk. The amendments, which take effect Jan. 1, 2017, include:

  • Rule 2.02 – Pro Hac Vice Admission – Clarifies the requirement that out-of-state attorneys must file a motion for admission before being deemed to have made an appearance in a case.
  • Rule 3.02 – Filing Electronic Documents by E-mail – Eliminates filing by email because attorneys and self-represented litigants can file electronically through the Court’s e-filing portal.
  • Rule 4.06 – Substitution of Parties – Directs parties on how to proceed when substituting a party is required.
  • Rule 11.06 – Applications for Reopening in Death-Penalty Cases – Increases to 15 the page limit for applications and requires specific citations to the record.
  • Rules 16.08 and 17.08 – Modifies the rules to permit filing a citation to relevant authority less than seven days before oral argument if the authority was issued within that timeframe.
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