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Board of Professional Conduct Files Disciplinary Case Reports and Recommendations

The Ohio Board of Professional Conduct today announced the filing of disciplinary case reports with the Ohio Supreme Court. Five reports recommend discipline for attorneys charged with professional misconduct. The sixth report recommends the reinstatement of an attorney previously suspended for misconduct.

Except in consent-to-discipline cases, the parties will have an opportunity to file objections to the board’s report and recommendation with the Supreme Court. If objections are filed, the case will be scheduled for oral argument. Oral argument is not scheduled in reinstatement cases, except upon order of the Court. In cases in which the board recommends acceptance of a consent-to-discipline agreement, no objections are permitted, and the case is submitted to the Court for consideration.

Additional information about each case, including the report and recommendation, may be obtained by clicking on the hyperlink for each case. Questions regarding pending cases should be directed to the Office of Public Information at 614.387.9250.

Cases on Report of the Board

Franklin County
Columbus Bar Association v. Earl Darren McNeal
Supreme Court Case No. 2017-0491
Recommended sanction: One-year suspension, stayed

Trumbull County
Trumbull County Bar Association v. Joseph Terrence Dull
Supreme Court Case No. 2017-0490
Recommended sanction: One-year suspension, six months stayed


Disciplinary Counsel v. Brian Allan Maciak
Supreme Court Case No. 2017-0492
Recommended sanction: Two-year suspension, stayed

Consent-to-Discipline Cases

Cuyahoga County
Disciplinary Counsel v. Samuel Ray Smith II
Supreme Court Case No. 2017-0487
Recommended sanction: 18-month suspension, 12 months stayed

Summit County
Disciplinary Counsel v. Gigi Hoang Fuhry
Supreme Court Case No. 2017-0489
Recommended sanction: Two-year suspension, six months stayed

Reinstatement Case

Mahoning County
Mahoning County Bar Association v. Charles Walter Theisler
Supreme Court Case No. 2009-1541
Recommendation: Grant reinstatement