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Justices Honor Civic Education Volunteers

Fourteen volunteers were honored at the Thomas J. Moyer Ohio Judicial Center for their service giving tours to hundreds of visitors each year.

All seven justices were on hand for the luncheon and Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor surprised the group with a special pin depicting the building for volunteers to wear during their tours.

“Every single day that I come into this building, I’m overwhelmed with a sense of awe,” said David Binkovitz, who has given tours for five years. “That’s something that I hope I share every day with visitors.”

From young school children to adults, these volunteers teach the public about the role and the responsibilities of the judicial branch of government.

“It’s an exceptional group that really cares about what they are teaching, “said Toba Feldman, who’s been giving tours for 12 years. “And providing information on the building, but more importantly, about the judges, legal system, courts, lawyers, I think everyone finds it valuable and I wouldn’t be doing it otherwise.”

For calendar year 2016, guides volunteered approximately 456 hours, leading tours of the building and the Visitor Education Center.

“Your knowledge and enthusiasm are appreciated throughout the building by the staff and the justices,” said Chief Justice O’Connor. “I want you to know that. Those of us who work here, and you by extension, as being a face with many of the students that come into this building, are extremely proud of the building and proud of what you do for us in showcasing the building and this institution.”

They are still great ambassadors to get people through the door.

“It is the most amazing building in Columbus,” said Binkovitz. “Someone has referred to it as a hidden treasure, not enough people know about it.  I’m always trying to tell people, please bring your friends and family.  This is a place you will enjoy.”