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Supreme Court Hears Death Penalty Case

Oral Arguments got underway at the Ohio Supreme Court last week.

Attorneys for Curtis Clinton are appealing his convictions and death sentence for the September 2012 Triple Homicide of Heather Jackson and her children inside their Sandusky Home.

They argue since the crimes occurred on separate dates and different locations, Clinton should have had different trials, instead of one.

“So when you present cases with interchangeable witnesses in that way, it tends to confuse the jury.” Defense Attorney Elizabeth Arrick told the court.

But the attorney general’s office argued that the crimes were part of a common scheme, plan and system.

“This, the evidence of guilt for Curtis Clinton relative to the triple homicide was at strong as it gets.” Stephen Maher, with the Attorney General’s office, argued before the court.

Justices will take the case under advisement.