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President Harding’s Family Donates Art to Supreme Court

The family of President Warren G. Harding has presented a unique gift to the Ohio Supreme Court.

It’s a plaster cast of President Harding’s face sculpted by a Columbus artist. The plaster served as a mold for the bronze bas relief of President Harding that hangs in the court’s grand concourse.

“It’s fitting that we are standing here in our magnificent building beneath the beautiful bas relief of President Harding,” said Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor.

The donation is one of many gifts being donated to the public by the Harding family.  President Harding’s grandnephew Dr. Warren Harding II is also working with the Ohio History Connection to transform the president’s former home in Marion.

“He was very interested in making sure that everybody had a chance to succeed, equal rights. He was very big on that and peace and prosperity for everybody,” said Dr. Harding, President Harding’s grandnephew.

President Harding was the 29th President of the United States and was elected after the 19th Amendment passed, giving women the right to vote in national elections. He was also famous for his good looks.

“I have often heard the story that one of the reasons why he was elected so soundly was the fact that he was so handsome, that women were attracted to him,” said Chief Justice O’Connor.

While his other grandnephew doesn’t see his resemblance to his famous great uncle, he’ll take the compliment.

“When people say you look like him, I know they might be just saying it but it’s awfully nice to hear,” said Dr. George Harding, the president’s grandnephew.

The bronze cast will be placed on the ground floor near the Visitor Education Center in the Thomas J. Moyer Ohio Judicial Center.