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Licking County Courthouse Facelift

From Chillicothe we head to Newark where Licking County’s Courthouse is barely recognizable.

Wrapped in scaffolding, this courthouse built in 1876 is now getting a facelift.

“It wasn’t a choice. It was a game of musical chairs. “Judge Thomas Marcelain explained. “ Do you want to be the reasonable person in charge when the building falls down? Nobody wants to be that.“

Construction crews are working on this nine million dollar overhaul.

That means adding a new roof and making massive repairs to the tower, gutters, and exterior sandstone. On the Inside, there will be a new elevator.

“The courthouse isn’t restored. It’s rebuilt. It’s literally taking all the layers off to manufacture it as new and it will be gorgeous.” Judge Marcelain told Court News Ohio-TV.

Installing the scaffolding wasn’t an easy feat — not by a long shot. The plywood you see comes from horse stalls from the Ohio State Fairgrounds.

The courthouse is an iconic part of historic downtown Newark that lights up during Christmas time. LED lights will be added to the building so they can change their colors for the holidays without people scaling the building to decorate.

“It’s a real asset to the community, it’s a real treasure. We want to make sure it’s taken care of.”