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New Ohio Judicial College Website Debuts

It just got easier for partners in the Ohio judicial system to get the education they need.

The State Supreme Court’s Judicial College is launching its website offering one-stop shopping to register and take online courses to help judges, guardians, and others complete their continuing legal or professional education.

“We’re excited to say this is the portal for our education delivered through the Judicial College for all of our online education as well as our face-to-face events,” said Christopher Fields, Curriculum Manager for the Ohio Judicial College.

The site is called OhioCourtEDU and so far it’s been a huge success.¬†Since it launched a couple weeks ago, 1,000 people have jumped online to get access.

“With this new system, we are going to be able to grow, as far as the number of courses we offer, the experience for those learners out there taking our courses, the judges, magistrates and court personnel.” Said Christy Tull, the director of the Ohio Judicial College.

The old system required court personnel and court affiliates to access multiple sites for registration and training.

“Now this is done seamlessly through one system,” said Fields.

Among those professionals receiving education from the Supreme Court of Ohio Judicial College, judges are required to complete a minimum of 40 continuing legal education (or CLE) hours every two years, of which ten must come from the judicial college. Magistrates must complete a minimum of 24 CLE hours every two years. Guardians and probation officers also have mandatory education.

To access just log onto this link — still available on the Supreme Court’s website: ¬†

This new portal gives the state of Ohio an edge.

“We are pretty much leading the pack as far as the volumne of courses we are doing,” said Tull.