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Ohio Pro Bono Summit 2017

Pro Bono work gives legal services to low-income and vulnerable Ohioans.

But the reality is while there are more than two million people eligible, there are only a couple hundred legal aid lawyers to help them.

That’s the reason behind the recent Pro Bono Summit — to get lawyers involved and engaged.

“The problem most lawyers have is that they don’t know how to do it or they feel they aren’t able to do the work because they don’t practice in that area.” David Kutik, President of the Ohio Legal Assistance Foundation, explained.

So the Ohio Legal Assistance Foundation provides funding and resources.

This summit allows attorneys to flex their legal muscles.

For example, just because you practice energy law doesn’t mean you can’t help someone who’s trying to prepare a will.

“It’s critically important once you try it because you won’t be able to stop. It’s incredibly fascinating.”

Angie Lloyd is the Executive Director of the Ohio Legal Assistance Foundation.

“Once you change a person’s life and you may think oh that wasn’t hard I just helped with a will but it gives piece of mind.”