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Attorneys Reminded to Report Their 2016 Pro Bono Involvement

Ohio attorneys registered for active, corporate, or emeritus pro bono status have about a month to voluntarily report their 2016 pro bono activities.

Attorneys received an email in January with a link to a website where pro bono information can be reported. The portal is open until March 31. All information is collected anonymously.

Any pro bono work, including financial contributions to organizations that provide legal services to people of limited means, can be reported.

The Ohio Legal Assistance Foundation compiles the responses and uses the data to improve the delivery of civil legal services to low-income Ohioans. The information is shared with the Ohio Supreme Court, bar associations, and legal aid organizations across the state.

Participating attorneys in 2015 reported more than 76,000 hours of pro bono legal services valued at more than $10 million.

Attorneys who wish to participate in voluntary pro bono reporting may request a link to the reporting website by email to