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New Drug Court Aids in Ross County Opioid Battle

Court News Ohio TV traveled to Chillicothe — as the Opioid epidemic takes center stage.

Sadly, Ohio has the worst drug crisis in the country.

The Heroin Partnership Project hosted a forum on addiction, called "Renewed Purpose", sharing stories of a former coach whose life was nearly destroyed by pain pill addiction.

Court News Ohio-TV caught up with Chief Justice Maureen O'Connor during one of her regular addresses around the state.

"I think drug courts are invaluable in treating both the treatment and holding an individual responsible for the consequences of their drug use. " Chief Justice Maureen O'Connor told the group.

In addition to the adult drug court, a juvenile court could be a reality in Ross County. Coordinators say drug courts are important because whether an adult is charged with a felony or misdemeanor, or adjudicated as a juvenile, that person can get help through a drug court."That's the beauty of drug court. It's not all treatment. I think our drug courts are going to continue to get better and better. "Chief Justice O'Connor said.