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Rule Changes Impact Magistrates’ Registration, Education

Rule changes affecting magistrates – some adopted and some proposed – were announced today by the Ohio Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court adopted rules requiring magistrates to register annually with the Court’s Office of Attorney Services, take an oath of office upon appointment, and file the oath with the local clerk of court. Additionally, the rules require a court’s administrative judge to notify Attorney Services upon a magistrate’s appointment or termination. The rules take effect on Jan. 1, 2018.

As for the proposed rules, if adopted by the Court, magistrates would have to attend a mandatory orientation program within a year of being appointed and take 40 continuing legal education hours over a two-year period instead of the current 24 hours. The Court no longer would charge a $150 orientation tuition fee. Magistrates also would be required to participate in a mentoring program and take three credit hours of professional conduct coursework out of the 10 required from the Ohio Judicial College.

Public comment about the proposed rules should be submitted in writing or via email by Aug. 30 to:

Christy Tull, Judicial College Director
Ohio Supreme Court
65 S. Front St., Sixth Floor
Columbus, OH 43215

Each set of amendments was proposed after Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor asked a subcommittee of the Commission on the Rules of Superintendence, the Ohio Judicial College Board of Trustees, and the Commission on Continuing Education to review the rules and recommend changes to increase education, improve communication, and more effectively track magistrates in Ohio.

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