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Cases Certified to Disciplinary Board

The Ohio Board of Professional Conduct today announced the certification of eight new cases for formal disciplinary proceedings.

The certified complaint has been sent to the respondent, and the respondent has been directed to file an answer to the allegations contained in the complaint. Once an answer is received, the case will be assigned to a three-member hearing panel of the Board, and the hearing panel will conduct further proceedings in the case. If the respondent does not answer the allegations, the respondent’s failure to answer will be certified to the Supreme Court, and the Supreme Court may suspend the respondent’s license to practice law.

Typically, a public hearing is scheduled within four to six months after the case is assigned to a hearing panel. Please consult the hearing schedule on the Board’s website for a monthly list of Board hearings.  

If the Board finds that a lawyer or judge has engaged in professional misconduct, the Board will file a report with the Supreme Court that includes a recommended sanction. The Supreme Court is responsible for reviewing the Board report and case record and imposing discipline.

To access the complaints in this case, click on the case number below.

Cincinnati Bar Association v. Kory Akin Jackson
Case No. 2017-034
Respondent’s counsel: None

Cincinnati Bar Association v. Rodger William Moore
Case No. 2017-035
Respondent’s counsel:  Dianna M. Anelli, Columbus

Disciplinary Counsel v. Phillip Louis Harmon
Case No. 2017-036
Respondent’s counsel: None

Disciplinary Counsel v. Andrea Lynn Reino
Case No.
Respondent’s counsel:  None

Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association v. Sam Thomas, III
Case No. 2017-038
Respondent’s counsel:  None

Columbus Bar Association v. Louis Jay Chodosh
Case No. 2017-041
Respondent’s counsel:  Jonathan E. Coughlan, Columbus

Disciplinary Counsel v. Michael J. Marshall
Case No. 2017-042
Respondent’s counsel:  Jonathan E. Coughlan, Columbus

Warren County Bar Association v. David Edward Ernst
Case No. 2017-043
Respondent’s counsel: George D. Jonson, Cincinnati