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Stark County Celebrates Courthouse Bicentennial

The line was down the block and around the corner in Canton to tour one of the oldest courthouses in Ohio.

With artists painting the sidewalks and music playing in the heart of the arts district, residents celebrated the 200th anniversary of the Stark County Courthouse.

Ohio Supreme Court Justice William O’Neill delivered a speech at the bicentennial celebration.

“The work that all of you have accomplished on this building is beyond words,” said Justice O’Neill.

Justice O’Neill used to work in the Stark County Courthouse as an assistant attorney general, at a time when the steel mills were booming.

“It’s quite a historical place for law in Ohio and I was in the middle of that in the 80s,” said Justice O’Neill.

Inside the courthouse, visitors were treated to historical exhibits, as well as films and presentations.

“It’s a beautiful building and people here take a lot of pride in it,” said Mark Warner, the former court administrator.

The courthouse was built in 1870, featuring the Trumpeters of Justice statues. Former President William McKinley argued cases there. The courthouse underwent a massive $10.5 million renovation in 1995.

“It’s a thrill. This is a big deal in my mind in the judiciary. We’ve got a building that’s been doing its job for 200 years.  And it stands out in the middle of a major city.  This is where justice is dispensed.  I’m so glad they brought it to its old glory,” said Justice O’Neill.

As all the judges who worked in this courthouse pose for a picture, historians hope this building will be a pillar of justice for more celebrations to come.