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Supreme Court Announces Technology Grant Funding Parameters for 2017

The Ohio Supreme Court has opened its third annual technology grant application process for local courts statewide. The deadline to apply is Feb. 1.

Over the past two years, the Supreme Court awarded nearly $5 million for more than 200 technology projects at courts in 72 counties.

“Without this initiative, many much-needed technology improvements in courts around Ohio would not have been possible,” Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor said. “As in past years, technology grant funds will increase access to justice and remove barriers to the efficient and effective administration of justice.”

Any Ohio appeals, common pleas, municipal, or county court may submit one funding request for up to two separate projects. Courts located within an entity deemed to be in Fiscal Emergency or Fiscal Watch by the Ohio Auditor and those who have not received a technology grant previously will be given priority.

Funding preference will be given to projects in the following order:

  1. Upgrade to the court’s existing case management system that affects caseflow.
  2. Upgrade, replacement, or purchase of other technology systems that affect caseflow or the fundamental duties of the court.
  3. Upgrade, replacement, or improvement to computer hardware or equipment that supports the case management system or other systems that affect caseflow or the fundamental duties of the court.
  4. All other computer hardware and software or equipment, including physical security equipment related projects.

Selected applicants will be announced on March 3 via email. For more information, visit the Supreme Court website.