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191 Attorneys Sanctioned for CLE Noncompliance

The Supreme Court of Ohio Commission on Continuing Legal Education has sanctioned 191 attorneys for failing to comply with required continuing legal education (CLE).

Attorneys need to stay informed on changes in laws, legal technology, and developments in their practice area to provide the best service to clients.

A total of six attorneys will be suspended from the practice of law. Four of those are recommended for suspension for repeat noncompliance. The other two are being suspended for failure to complete the New Lawyers Training requirement. The remaining 185 attorneys will have a monetary sanction imposed.

Suspended attorneys can return to the practice of law by making up their CLE deficiency and applying for reinstatement.

Ohio attorneys are required to submit proof they have completed 24 hours of accredited CLE every other year. Attorneys whose names end in A through L must complete requirements by the end of each odd numbered year. Attorneys whose names end in M through Z must complete requirements by the end of each even numbered year. The suspended attorneys have not met the requirements for 2020-2021.

In calendar 2021 and 2022, more course offerings have been available to licensed attorneys than ever before. A shift during the pandemic brought a wider range of remote learning options including live online, on demand, and webinars. Referred to as self-study, this style of learning was previously capped. Over the last two years, the cap has been suspended due to the pandemic.

“What we learned from necessity is that self-study allows attorneys to stay on top of emerging law in their area of practice in a way that also works for their schedule and their business,” said Director Gina White Palmer of the Supreme Court of Ohio, Attorney Services Division.

Beginning Jan. 1, 2023, the self-study cap will be permanently lifted for attorneys and raised for judicial officers.

It doesn’t mean in-person CLE will go away. Destination CLE is as popular as ever for attorneys who want to gather, reconnect with their legal network, and share experiences in and out of the courtroom, for the betterment of the profession.

The commission administers CLE requirements and accredits programs and activities that satisfy the mandatory Ohio CLE requirements.

View a complete list of sanctioned attorneys.

For additional information, including accredited courses, go to and click on “Attorneys” to find CLE information, transcripts, and CLE-approved activities.