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Funding Available for Supreme Court Experience

The Supreme Court of Ohio invites school groups to come learn about Ohio’s judicial system. The Court’s award-winning education program is now accepting applications to offset travel expenses, so more schools can take advantage of the learning experience.

Students learn about the state’s judicial branch, the appellate process, and how Supreme Court decisions affect the laws and citizens of Ohio. The Visitor Education Center’s interactive exhibits illustrate cases which have impacted young people and families. A highlight for many students is the opportunity to participate in a mock trial.

Each tour of the Thomas J. Moyer Ohio Judicial Center also explores Ohio history through the building’s architecture and artwork. The Native American Lobby, Grand Concourse, and North Hearing Room are just a few examples of how the grand setting represents the important work of the Court.

Tours are free. Teachers and administrators can apply for a transportation grant online now through Oct. 2 for visits through June 2024. Simply go the Supreme Court website and fill out the application form.

Grants are available to grades 4-12 for schools that receive state funding. Priority is given to schools with the highest percentage of students enrolled in the free and reduced lunch program as reported by the Ohio Department of Education.

The grant amount will be based on the one-way distance from the school to the Moyer Judicial Center at 65 S. Front St. in downtown Columbus. Funding is limited.

  • Less than 25 miles - $200
  • 26-50 miles - $300
  • 51-75 miles - $400
  • 76 or more miles - $500

The grant program began in 2011 and has funded 470 field trips for thousands of Ohio students.

Any school is welcome to schedule a tour, regardless of grant status, by contacting the Court’s Civic Education team. Schools can also explore the possibility of touring the Ohio Statehouse. A short walk away, the combination gives a rich, full picture of history and branches of government in Ohio.

For more information about the grant program or tours, please visit the Court’s website, email the Civic Education team, or call 614.387.9223.