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Domestic Relations Judge David A. Basinski Retiring

It took more than five decades for Judge David Basinski to first sit on the bench. He received his law degree from Case Western Reserve University in 1966 and practiced law in Lorain County for more than 20 years before being elected to the Lorain County Domestic Relations Division.

“I was 51 years-old. I didn’t have to run against a sitting judge,” Basinski said. “This was an opportunity for a new seat. I had a contested primary and a contested general. Since then I’ve run three more times and that’s all been uncontested.”

Now Judge Basinski’s time on the bench comes to an end as he will retire on January 3.

While serving in the domestic relations court, Judge Basinski said it’s important to keep the focus on the families who came before him.

“As a judge I sometimes lose sight of the fact that for that person sitting down there in the well that this is important. It might be my third divorce that day but for them that’s their first ever, so you have to be considerate of that,” Judge Basinski said.

Ever thoughtful of those who came before him in court, Judge Basinski took a leadership role in parental education and often gave courses to divorcing parents.  He said it’s imperative for parents to do well by their children.

“My favorite part is when parents – you are in the middle of a trial – and you keep talking to them about resolving it, and they finally do, and the way that they resolve it is best for their children and not for them, so that’s probably the best part,” Judge Basinski said.

Though he is retiring, Judge Basinski said he hopes Lorain County residents haven’t seen the last of him on the bench.

“I’d like to sit as a visiting judge. As you know I do domestic relations and juvenile. I think there is a demand for those kinds of people.”

Also, during retirement, Judge Basinski said he plans to relax with his wife Ellen and spend more time with his 15 grandchildren.

More on Judge Basinski:

A lifelong resident of Lorain County, Judge Basinski graduated from Case Western Reserve University in 1966. He was elected to the Lorain County Court of Common Pleas Domestic Relations Division in 1988. He also was a past-president of the Ohio Association of Juvenile and Family Court Judges and a member of the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges and of the Governor’s Task Force on Child Abuse. He served as co-chair of the Family Code Revision Task Force and the co-chair of the Advisory Committee to the Supreme Court on Children, Families, and the Court. Judge Basinski was a major and an aviator in the United States Marine Corps.

Judge Basinski married his wife, Ellen, more than 50 years ago. They have five sons and 15 grandchildren.