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Court News Ohio - A Service of the Supreme Court of Ohio & Ohio Government Telecommunications
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APRIL 12, 2021

Conduct Board Files April Disciplinary Recommendations

Image of the round blue and tan Board of Professional Conduct logoThe Ohio Board of Professional Conduct today announced the filing of nine disciplinary case reports with the Ohio Supreme Court.

Eviction, Foreclosure Disputes Being Handled Online

Image of 2 hands holding a smart phoneIn response to the COVID-19 pandemic, 17 Ohio courts will be experimenting with handling evictions, foreclosures, small claims and family cases online.

APRIL 6, 2021

Take Pro Bono Survey, Attorneys Asked

Image of a video screen of Chief Justice O'Connor with the Supreme Court Courtroom in the backgroundFaced with the worst pandemic in a century and the record job loss it created, the need for attorneys to help Ohioans has never been greater.

APRIL 5, 2021

April Disciplinary Hearings Announced

The Ohio Board of Professional Conduct today announced five April disciplinary hearings involving attorneys and judges.

APRIL 2, 2021

Professor’s Premonition Shepherds Examinees through Pandemic

In life, there are untimely events that cause strife and chaos, and sometimes someone unexpectedly appears to provide peace and guidance.

MARCH 31, 2021

Court Adopts Updated Protection Order Forms

The Ohio Supreme Court announced today the adoption of new domestic violence, stalking, and juvenile protection orders that go into effect April 15.


APRIL 14, 2021

Former Ohio Attorney Receives Additional Suspension for Abandoning Clients

The Ohio Supreme Court today imposed an additional two-year suspension on an attorney for abandoning two clients and failing to cooperate in disciplinary proceedings.

APRIL 8, 2021

Township Must Release Legal Bill in Public Records Case

The Ohio Supreme Court ruled today that a Stark County man is entitled to an invoice detailing legal fees incurred in defending Plain Township, even though the invoice was not in the township’s possession.

APRIL 7, 2021

Court Disbars Attorney Who Sexually Abused Students as Teacher

The Ohio Supreme Court today disbarred a former Lake County school teacher-turned-lawyer who is serving almost 30 years in prison for criminal convictions based on coercing two of his teenage high school students to have sexual contact with him.

APRIL 6, 2021

Country Club Fights to Keep Leasing Ancient Earthworks Site Used for Golf Course

A Newark country club has dug in its heels over giving up its century-long lease of the grounds and golf course that are the site of geometric earthworks roughly 2,000 years old.

MARCH 23, 2021

Trooper’s Right to Act on Shout of ‘That Lady is Drunk’ Contested

“If you see something, say something,” the state of Ohio urges in a brief submitted to the Ohio Supreme Court, quoting a well-known U.S. Department of Homeland Security request to all citizens.

MARCH 18, 2021

Lawyer’s Suspension Extended due to Michigan Disbarment

A proposed two-year suspension for a Lorain County lawyer was extended to an indefinite suspension by the Ohio Supreme Court today after the lawyer failed to disclose to disciplinary investigators that he had been disbarred in Michigan.

Lorain County Attorney Receives Third Suspension

Because he was suspended twice before, a Lorain County attorney’s failure to diligently represent a client landed him a two-year suspension from the Ohio Supreme Court today.

MARCH 17, 2021

Court Accepts One, Rejects Three Requests to Practice Law

The Ohio Supreme Court today considered four requests for permission to practice law in Ohio.

Lawyer Jailed for Client Theft Permanently Disbarred

The Ohio Supreme Court today permanently disbarred a Delaware County lawyer who was convicted of felony theft for misappropriating funds from a mentally incompetent client and continued to practice law after agreeing to cease during his pending criminal proceedings.

MARCH 16, 2021

Mineral Rights Preserved by Reference to Specific, Identifiable Reservation

A reference to a prior reservation of oil, gas, and coal rights in a land title need not identify the name of the mineral rights owner if the language in the reference is sufficiently specific to identify the owner in the chain of title, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled today.


APRIL 2, 2021

New Judges Appointed for Summit and Hamilton Counties

New judges were appointed today to fill court vacancies in Summit and Hamilton counties.

MARCH 31, 2021

Ninth District Judge Sits on High Court

Image of Ninth District Judge Jennifer Hensal in her black judicial robe while sitting on the Supreme Court bench listening to case argumentsNinth District Court of Appeals Judge Jennifer Hensal served as a visiting judge on the Ohio Supreme Court today and heard oral arguments in a case on whether the Ohio Power Siting Board properly considered the safety and impact of a Cincinnati natural gas pipeline.

Judge Appointed to Fill Findlay Vacancy

Image is a headshot photo of Stephanie BishopFindlay attorney Stephanie Bishop was appointed today to serve as judge on the Findlay Municipal Court.

MARCH 12, 2021

Two Ohio Judges Appointed

Judicial appointments were made today for the Franklin County Municipal Court and the Pike County Court.

Single Mom Makes the Most of Drug Court’s Second Chance

Image of a woman and a toddler participating in a video conferenceSecond chances are staples of Ohio’s drug courts and a northeastern Ohio court showed its willingness to support participants no matter how many attempts it takes.

Justices Promote Kids Voting Initiative

Image of the Kids Voting Ohio logoOhio voter turnout is lowest from ages 18 to 19. That’s why six Ohio Supreme Court justices taped video messages supporting an initiative to teach children citizenship and encourage voting when they turn 18.

MARCH 9, 2021

Judge Powell Elected Appeals Group President

Image is of a headshot of Judge Stephen Powell in his black judicial robeAn Ohio judge who’s handled many leadership roles at the state level now will guide fellow appellate jurists from across the country.

MARCH 5, 2021

Chief Justice Defends Drug Courts in ACLU Letter

Image of Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Maureen O'ConnorIn response to an American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) report casting doubt on the effectiveness of drug courts, Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor sent a letter to the organization disputing the findings, and sent a courtesy copy to Ohio’s judges.

Summit Judge’s Life Reflections Drive Reforms

Image of Judge David HamiltonAs the first African American man elected to the Summit County bench in 30 years, Akron Municipal Judge David Hamilton set out to improve his community and inspire others to do the same.