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Primary Candidates From Two Contested Judicial Races Move On to General Election

Attorneys Eric R. Weisenburger and Molly Mack received the most votes in primaries Tuesday in the only two contested races for municipal court judgeships in Ohio, according to unofficial results. Each race featured three Republican candidates seeking to replace retiring judges.

In Norwalk, Weisenburger received 1,009 votes (53.84 percent), while Scott M. Christophel received 451 votes (24.07 percent) and Harold J. Freeman received 414 votes (22.09 percent).

The race in Perrysburg was much closer with Mack receiving 1,310 votes (37.84 percent), while C. Drew Griffith received 1,117 votes (32.26 percent) and Aram M. Ohanian received 1,035 votes (29.90 percent).

Other communities did not hold primaries because of a lack of competitive races, because they operate as charter cities and hold their primaries at later dates in the year, or because candidates proceed directly to the general election.

All judges in Ohio are elected to six-year terms. Elections for municipal court judgeships occur in odd-numbered years, while elections for Ohio Supreme Court, appeals court, common pleas court, and county court judges occur in even-numbered years.

Supreme Court staff members assemble the election results from the local county boards of elections for administrative purposes, to communicate with new judges about payroll, benefits and other information.

For more information about judicial candidates, consult one of Ohio’s 88 county boards of elections.