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Lorain County Judge Disqualified Pending Outcome of Felony Indictment

The Ohio Supreme Court issued an order today that Lorain County Common Pleas Court Judge James Burge is disqualified from acting as a judge because of an indictment for six felony counts.

The charges alleged against Judge Burge in the indictment yesterday by a special grand jury include three counts of tampering with records and three counts of having an unlawful interest in a public contract.

Gov.Jud.R. III (6)(A) of the Supreme Court Rules for the Government of the Judiciary in Ohio states: “A Justice or judge is disqualified from acting as a Justice or judge while there is pending an indictment or an information charging the Justice or judge with a crime punishable as a felony under state or federal law.”

In the order signed by Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor, it notes that “it is further ordered that he shall remain disqualified while any and all indictments filed in the Lorain County Court of Common Pleas are pending and until further order of this court.”

Copies of the order were sent to Judge Burge and the court’s administrator.

Access Section III (Disability Retirement, Removal, or Suspension of Judges) of the rules.