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Off-Site Court Conducted in Justice’s Hometown

Justice Judith Ann Lanzinger heard oral arguments in familiar territory today as the Ohio Supreme Court held its Off-Site Court Program at the University of Toledo College of Law.

The Ohio Supreme Court Justices travel across the Buckeye state twice a year to enhance students’ understanding of the legal system by providing an opportunity for them to observe the Supreme Court’s proceedings in person and to interact with justices, attorneys, and court staff.

More than 350 high school students from 11 schools near Toledo as well as law students from the university sat in on three cases held at McQuade Law Auditorium for the Off-Site Court Program.

Justice Lanzinger was excited to bring her colleagues to her stomping ground. Besides living in Toledo, Justice Lanzinger is a University of Toledo College of Law alumna and was an adjunct professor.

“For 18 years I taught students as a judge and adjunct professor at the University of Toledo College of Law,” Justice Lanzinger said. “It is a delight to have my colleagues with me to conduct a formal Ohio Supreme court session for high school students in the same place where I gave a valedictory speech nearly 37 years ago.”

After oral arguments, the students met with the attorneys who argued the cases. The students talked about legal issues and also had an opportunity to ask questions.

This was Toledo’s second time hosting the program and the 68th time the court has held oral arguments outside Columbus since the Off-Site Program started in 1987. Toledo hosted off-site court in the program’s first year.