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Supreme Court Seeks Comments on Rule Revision, Amended Protection Order Forms

The Ohio Supreme Court will accept public comment until July 10 on proposed changes to a protection order form rule and 30 protection order forms.

Diana Ramos-Reardon, domestic violence counsel for the Supreme Court, said changes to Civil Rule 65.1 necessitated some of the changes to the standardized forms. She said this civil rule clarifies magistrates’ involvement in civil protection order proceedings.

Changes to the forms concern updating them to match current practices since the last update three years ago.

For instance, changes to Form 10-A would encourage law enforcement to enter promptly protection orders into the FBI’s protection order database and firearms disability database.

Other proposed changes to the forms, which were recommended by the Advisory Committee on Domestic Violence, include underscoring the importance of providing an address that does not compromise the petitioner’s safety to receive correspondence from the court, expanding references to social media to clarify no contact provision in the order, and clarifying that law enforcement officers and National Guard soldiers may be exempt from firearms disability because of their jobs.

View the complete language of the proposed rule amendments.

Comments on the proposed amendments should be submitted in writing to:

Diana Ramos-Reardon
Supreme Court of Ohio
65 S. Front St., Sixth Floor
Columbus, OH 43215