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Supreme Court Adopts Rules of Practice and Procedure

The Ohio Supreme Court has adopted amendments to the annual update to the Rules of Practice and Procedure that concern service by posting and where to publicize a posting.

The amendments include changes to the rules of appellate procedure, civil procedure, criminal procedure, and juvenile procedure.

Many of the changes target inconsistencies, remove outdated concepts, and clarify the rules. The amendments to Civ. R. 4.4 and Juv. R. 16 make it clear that service by posting can be used in initial actions and expand it to post-decree matters. In addition to the traditional “posting” of a notice on the courthouse bulletin board, service would use the county clerk of court’s website if it exists, although the amendments don’t require electronic posting.

Pursuant to the Ohio Constitution, the amendments were filed with the General Assembly on January 15 after one round of public comment. The Supreme Court revised and refiled the amendments with the General Assembly before May 1, following a second round of public comment. The amendments take effect July 1, unless the General Assembly adopts a concurrent resolution of disapproval before then.

Access the text of the amendments.

Access the complete text of the administrative action announcing the adoption of these amendments.

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