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Commission on Specialized Dockets Meets for First Time Today

The entity responsible for certifying all Ohio courts’ specialized dockets met for the first time today.

Less than a year from now, Ohio courts that operate specialized docket programs will be required to be initially certified by the Supreme Court. The certification requirement will be effective January 1, 2014.

In November, the Ohio Supreme Court adopted rule amendments that created a new Commission on Specialized Dockets and outlined the specialized docket certification procedures. Previously, the work of the Supreme Court’s Specialized Dockets Section had been guided by an advisory committee.

The 22-member commission advises the Supreme Court and its staff regarding the promotion of statewide rules and uniform standards concerning specialized dockets in Ohio courts; the development and delivery of specialized docket services to Ohio courts; and the creation of training programs for judges and court personnel. Clermont County Municipal Court Judge James Shriver chairs the commission.

Under the new certification amendments, courts operating specialized dockets will be required to submit an application, undergo a site visit, and submit specific program materials to the Specialized Dockets Section as part of the certification process. The commission will make all decisions regarding final certification.

“While the standards seek to create a minimum level of uniform practices for specialized dockets, they still allow local specialized dockets to innovate and tailor their specialized docket to respond to local needs and resources,” the rules state.

Read the text of the rules.

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