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Chief Justice Speaks at DSCC Women's History Event

Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor on March 27 discussed women in leadership as she presented the keynote address at the Defense Logistics Agency Land and Maritime 2013 Women's History Month Luncheon and Woman of the Year Award Presentation.

Chief Justice O’Connor spoke about developing women leaders for the 21st century at the Defense Supply Center, Columbus. The annual event is sponsored by the Federal Women’s Program.

Chief Justice O’Connor spoke about the history of women becoming more involved in leadership roles across the state and country and said she was one of only five female county prosecutors out of 88 counties when she served Summit County in 1995.

“Fast forward — Not only do we have a woman who’s chief justice of the state of Ohio, but we have a majority of women on the bench of the Supreme court. It’s amazing how things have change, and it only took about 100 years to get there,” Chief Justice O’Connor said.

Chief Justice O’Connor said women should help themselves to grow into leadership roles and said education is their ticket to those roles while complacency is the enemy.

“If you are content in where you are in your position and you are doing well and contributing there, there is nothing wrong with staying there and being a leader in that position,” Chief Justice O’Connor said. “But if you are complacent and there are no challenges left and you are afraid to become a leader because you are afraid of risks — there is no benefit without risks and you just have to make that leap. It’s a leap of faith. It’s a leap of trust, and I think that’s an important thing to do.”

Chief Justice O’Connor also stressed the importance of women mentoring other women and told the group that they could make an impact by serving as a mentor at the DSCC. She said all women should strive for a period of time when it will not be a novelty when there are women in top leadership roles.

Mislin A. Perez-Fernandez, who works in strategic acquisitions programs at DLA Land and Maritime, received the woman of the year honors.