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Supreme Court Approves New Ways for Admission Without Examination Applicants to Take Oath

Starting Jan. 1, 2015, attorneys approved for admission without examination will no longer have to participate in the presentation of attorneys during an official session of the Ohio Supreme Court.

Amendments adopted by the Supreme Court to Rule I of the Rules for the Government of the Bar of Ohio, give these attorneys two additional ways to take the oath:

  • Being sworn in by an active Ohio judge.
  • Being sworn in by a justice in the highest court in another jurisdiction where they are admitted.

Lee Ann Ward, director of the Office of Bar Admissions at the Supreme Court, said that approved applicants could still choose to be sworn in before Ohio’s justices if they wish. The big difference come January will be that this oath process will no longer be mandatory.

By adopting additional methods to administer the oath, Ohio matches other jurisdictions that permit applicants to be sworn in before judges or justices in other states. She also noted that Ohio’s exam applicants have long been permitted to be sworn in by affidavit before an active Ohio judge or a judge in another state.

Access the amendments.

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