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Supreme Court Offers Security Services for Local Courts

In an effort to maintain safety and security throughout Ohio’s local courthouses, the Ohio Supreme Court provides local courts with security services, assessments, and training.

Supreme Court security officers perform security reviews, train local court security and law enforcement personnel on how to operate equipment, and educate judges and court personnel on threat and risk management.

The services are provided at no cost to local courts.

In place for five years, Rule 9 of the Rules of Superintendence for the Courts of Ohio requires courts to develop and implement a court security plan.

Equipment training for local courthouse security includes basic courthouse security screening, X-Ray operation/image recognition and interpretation, and TASER certification/recertification.

In addition to assessments, Supreme Court security officers assist local courts in developing security/emergency policies and procedures and in consulting on courthouse design or redesign prosjects.

Supreme Court security officers also help local courts plan accommodations and in handling high-risk or sensitive trials.

In addition, the Supreme Court’s Office of Court Security loans security equipment to courts such as a portable magnetometer and hand-wands on a short-term basis.

Call 614.387.9906 or email to request security assistance.