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Supreme Court Offers Security Services to Local Courts

Metal detectors, X-ray machines, and security checkpoints are common sights in Ohio’s courthouses.

The Supreme Court of Ohio has been assisting local courts over the last 12 years in reviewing security plans and offering free security training.

“There’s no standardized training for courts across the state to send their officers to, and with court assessments, we just want the courts to be up to date, up to speed with the 16 court security standards that have been set in place,” Supreme Court Security Services Coordinator Ryan Fahle said.

Fahle added that the 16 standards include security policies and court staff who are well-prepared for emergencies.

“We provide a basic checkpoint screening course and that course encompasses all aspects of screening. We cover walk through metal detector policies, handheld policies, bag searches, checkpoint policy considerations, as well as x-ray operations,” he said.

Other trainings offered cover TASER certification, operating X-ray machines, and recognizing X-ray images.

“We just want our citizens visiting our courts to feel safe and the employees working in our courts to feel safe, so that’s the purpose of all of this.”

You can read more about the Supreme Court’s court security services in the September edition of CNO Review.

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