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Workshop Proposals Requested for Upcoming Dispute Resolution Trainings

Court personnel or other professionals who have tips on parent coordinating, mediation techniques, and dispute resolution problem solving are asked to submit workshop proposals to help train mediators across Ohio.

As more courts mediate cases outside the courtroom, they are finding out what best works for them and their clients. The Ohio Supreme Court Dispute Resolution Section wants others to learn from these best practices and present them at one of seven training presentations scheduled for 2016. The workshops will be presented to dispute resolution professionals and court personnel who provide mediation to Supreme Court and Court of Claims litigants and Ohio public officials.

“Dispute resolution processes continue to be an integral part of Ohio’s judicial system.┬áThe Supreme Court is committed to obtaining the best faculty to train mediators, court staff, and other justice system partners on innovative and proven practices in the field of dispute resolution,” said Stephanie Hess, the interim manager of the Dispute Resolution Section.

Workshop proposals are due by Oct. 1., and those who submit plans will know if their proposals were selected by November.

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