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Ohio Attorneys: Registration and Payment Due by Sept. 1

All Ohio attorneys are reminded to register with the Supreme Court’s Office of Attorney Services for the upcoming biennium on or before Sept. 1.

Lawyers on active or corporate status must register with Attorney Services and pay a $350 registration fee every odd-numbered year. Susan Christoff, Attorney Services director, said the lawyers should expect to receive a packet of registration materials in early July that will contain instructions on how to register and a form to verify the accuracy of their contact information.

Attorneys can register either electronically or by mail. Mailed registrations will be deemed timely if postmarked by Sept. 1. Online registrations must be completed by 11:59 p.m., Sept. 1 to be deemed timely. Attorneys who successfully complete the process will receive confirmation by mail. Those who do not receive confirmation should contact Attorney Services.

To make the registration process easier, attorneys can also click on the “Biennial Attorney Registration” tab on the front page of the Supreme Court’s website, which will take the user directly to the enhanced Attorney Portal.

Attorneys who fail to register and pay the fee by the Sept. 1 deadline or within the late registration period will be suspended.

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