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OCTOBER 22, 2021

Ohio Bar Exam Pass Rate: 73.4%

OCTOBER 20, 2021

Supreme Court Adopts Child Welfare Law Specialization

OCTOBER 19, 2021

Judicial Candidates Required to View Conduct Seminar

OCTOBER 15, 2021

Disciplinary Counsel to Host Inaugural Trust Accounting School

OCTOBER 14, 2021

CLE Commission Sanctions 146 Attorneys for Noncompliance

OCTOBER 13, 2021

New Magistrates Welcome Shared Learning Experience

OCTOBER 12, 2021

CLE Self-Study Cap Waived for Attorneys, Judges

OCTOBER 8, 2021

Trade Names, Judges in Documentaries among Conduct Board Advisories

OCTOBER 7, 2021

In Akron, Supreme Court to Resume Off-Site Program

OCTOBER 5, 2021

Supreme Court, UC Form Sentencing Data Partnership

Conduct Board Files Disciplinary Reports

OCTOBER 4, 2021

October Disciplinary Hearings Listed by Conduct Board

SEPTEMBER 30, 2021

Human Trafficking Court Graduates Celebrate New Beginning

SEPTEMBER 24, 2021

Former Supreme Court Counsel Passes Away

SEPTEMBER 23, 2021

Inspiring Young Lawyers is Focus of Professionalism Series

SEPTEMBER 21, 2021

Court Asks for Public Comment on Rules of Superintendence

SEPTEMBER 20, 2021

Public Comment Sought on Proposed Rules Changes

Victims of Attorney Theft Awarded $415,391

SEPTEMBER 17, 2021

Chief Justice, Judge Carroll, Senator Brown Tout Eviction Relief

SEPTEMBER 10, 2021

Court Officer Recalls 9/11 Rescue on 20th Anniversary


New Resource Advises Judges How to Help Avert Evictions


Retired Ohio Judge Reflects on King Assassination Probe

AUGUST 31, 2021

Supreme Court Again Enlists Ohio Attorneys as Poll Workers

AUGUST 24, 2021

Court Adopts Out-of-State Attorney Remote Practice Rule

AUGUST 18, 2021

Court Officer Thomas, a 9/11 Hero, in New Documentary

AUGUST 13, 2021

Court Revises Birth Certificate Probate Form

AUGUST 12, 2021

Conduct Board Issues Advisory Opinions to New Judges, Law Firms

AUGUST 11, 2021

Chief Justice Calls for Informed Voters, Diversity in Legal Profession

Specialized Dockets: Perspectives Push Innovation

AUGUST 9, 2021

Conduct Board Files Disciplinary Reports, Recommendations

AUGUST 6, 2021

Family First: Guide Helps Courts Implement New Child Welfare Law

AUGUST 5, 2021

Court Accelerates Law Clerk’s Learning Curve for Bar Exam

Rule Change Permits Mediation for Protection Order Cases

JULY 27, 2021

August Disciplinary Hearings Announced

JULY 22, 2021

Toolkit Targets Aid to Monitor Wards, Guardians

JULY 16, 2021

Judicial College: Judges Furthering the Ohio Judiciary

JULY 12, 2021

Public Comment Needed on Child Welfare Specialization

JULY 2, 2021

Pro Bono Service Increases amid Pandemic

JULY 1, 2021

Deadline Aug. 6 for Elam Pro Bono Award

JUNE 29, 2021

Ohio Attorneys: Registration, Fees Due by Sept. 1

New Rules of Practice and Procedure Take Effect July 1

JUNE 25, 2021

New Platform Provides Path to Accessible Sentencing Data

JUNE 21, 2021

Conduct Board Files Disciplinary Case Reports, Recommendations

Conduct Board Issues Advisories on Lawyer Advertising

JUNE 16, 2021

Guardians Must Report Felony, Misdemeanor Charges

Quality Hearings Toolkit Seeks Rise in Family Reunifications

JUNE 15, 2021

New Rule Standardizes Child Custody Evaluators

JUNE 11, 2021

Lawyers’ Fund for Client Protection: Righting the Wrongs

JUNE 9, 2021

New Domestic Relations and Juvenile Forms Approved

Victims of Attorney Theft Awarded $36,000

JUNE 2, 2021

Supreme Court Awards $8.6 Million in Tech Grants to Local Courts

MAY 28, 2021

June Disciplinary Hearings Announced

MAY 24, 2021

Uniform Traffic Ticket Deadline Moved to Dec. 31

MAY 21, 2021

Ohio’s Newest Attorneys Exemplify Social Changes

MAY 17, 2021

Animal Cruelty Used as a Domestic Violence Weapon

MAY 14, 2021

Supreme Court Website Expands Case Searching

MAY 12, 2021

Raising the Bar: Mom 8 Months Pregnant Takes, Passes Exam

MAY 7, 2021

Legal Representation Pilot Applications Being Accepted

MAY 5, 2021

National Civic Ed Award Won by Ohio Supreme Court

MAY 3, 2021

May Disciplinary Hearings Announced

APRIL 30, 2021

Courts’ Reforms Target Child Safety, Family Unity

Ohio Bar Exam Pass Rate: 54.3%

APRIL 28, 2021

Probate Form Changes Taking Effect

APRIL 26, 2021

Juvenile Courts Learn about LGBTQ Youths’ Complexities

APRIL 23, 2021

Unauthorized Practice of Law: Public Protection

APRIL 22, 2021

Justices Emphasize State Constitutions

APRIL 15, 2021

Conduct Board Issues Two Advisory Opinions

New Law Provides Boost to Legal Aid

APRIL 12, 2021

Conduct Board Files April Disciplinary Recommendations

Eviction, Foreclosure Disputes Being Handled Online

APRIL 6, 2021

Take Pro Bono Survey, Attorneys Asked

APRIL 5, 2021

April Disciplinary Hearings Announced

APRIL 2, 2021

Professor’s Premonition Shepherds Examinees through Pandemic

MARCH 31, 2021

Court Adopts Updated Protection Order Forms

MARCH 30, 2021

Supreme Court Welcomes New Magistrates Virtually

Ohio Further Expands Bail Reform

MARCH 29, 2021

Character and Fitness: Review, Reinforce Reputation

MARCH 26, 2021

Civic Education at Your Service: Supreme Court Virtual Tours

MARCH 24, 2021

Unauthorized Practice of Law Board Elects Chair, Vice Chair

MARCH 17, 2021

Supreme Court Repeats CLE for Poll Service

MARCH 15, 2021

Sylvania Southview Wins Mock Trial Crown

MARCH 9, 2021

Victims of Lawyer Theft Awarded $94,500

MARCH 5, 2021

Bar Examiners: Legal Profession Gatekeepers

MARCH 3, 2021

July Bar Exam to be Conducted Remotely

FEBRUARY 25, 2021

Black History Documentary Highlights ‘Prejudice and Progress’

FEBRUARY 24, 2021

March Disciplinary Hearings Listed by Conduct Board

Conduct Board: Preserving Judicial Integrity

FEBRUARY 22, 2021

New Tool Helps Ohio Juvenile Judges Navigate Child Protection Disputes

Conduct Board Files Disciplinary Recommendations

FEBRUARY 16, 2021

Supreme Court Partnership First to Monitor Drug Court Participants

FEBRUARY 10, 2021

Judges to View $100 Million in Ohio Rent Relief

FEBRUARY 3, 2021

COVID Shift Central in Conduct Board’s 2020 Review

FEBRUARY 2, 2021

Municipal, County Court Judges Discuss Substance Abuse, Social Media

Year 7: Tech Grant Applications Open for Local Courts

JANUARY 29, 2021

February Disciplinary Hearings Listed by Conduct Board

JANUARY 26, 2021

Law Students Provide Hope to Human Trafficking Survivors

JANUARY 20, 2021

Inspired by MLK, Court Member Works Toward ‘Restorative Justice’

JANUARY 19, 2021

Former Justice French Appointed Insurance Director

JANUARY 13, 2021

Seeking Public Comment: Specialized Dockets, Domestic Relations Forms

JANUARY 5, 2021

Judicial Candidates Seminar Scheduled by Conduct Board