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Court News Ohio
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Reflecting on 2021
The year prompted more creative adjustments, such as virtual building tours, and inspired insights for modernizing the judicial branch.


Trauma and Recovery
Aware of the silent struggle military veterans endure, more Ohio specialty courts expand their efforts to aid with healing.


Senior Security
Courts balance autonomy and protection for older adults encountering neglect, abuse, and exploitation.


Storied Structure: Elevator Lobby
One can revel in gorgeous décor, ancient myths, and abundant symbolism while awaiting an elevator at the Ohio Supreme Court.


COVID: Catalyst for Court Change
An Ohio task force concludes that the lessons courts learned during the pandemic can serve as a blueprint for the judiciary’s future.

JULY 2021

Rethinking Courts
Local courts lean on tech to elevate services for the public post-pandemic.

MAY 2021

How Clean Are ‘Clean Slates’?
The consequences and strategies when sealed or expunged records materialize in background checks.

APRIL 2021

Opening Opportunities
Law students and lawyers discuss the diversity initiative that fostered their paths to the legal profession.

MARCH 2021

Righting Wrongful Convictions
Integrity units in prosecutor offices are one strategy for evaluating credible claims of innocence.


Background Checks
Arrests, fingerprints, and court decisions power the state system designed to safeguard Ohioans.