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DECEMBER 22, 2021

Appellate Judge Appointed for Second District

DECEMBER 15, 2021

Virtual Reality Helps Courts Shape Sober Realities

DECEMBER 14, 2021

Judge’s Baby Arrives Early during Judicial College Course

DECEMBER 6, 2021

Five Appointed to Fill Cuyahoga County Judicial Vacancies

New App to Help Veterans Treatment Courts Innovate, Expand

NOVEMBER 19, 2021

Two Common Pleas Court Vacancies Filled

NOVEMBER 4, 2021

Nearly 900 Attend Supreme Court Off-Site Sessions

Voters Elect 12 New Municipal Court Judges

NOVEMBER 1, 2021

Court Nuptials Capped by ‘Halloween’ Weddings

OCTOBER 25, 2021

Justice Donnelly Spotlighted in New Book on Plea Deals

OCTOBER 22, 2021

Ohio Vietnam Veteran Judge Featured on PBS

OCTOBER 21, 2021

Ohio Voters to Select Nearly 50 Municipal Court Judges

OCTOBER 14, 2021

Long-Serving Harrison County Judge Passes Away

OCTOBER 12, 2021

Court Mourns Passing of Common Pleas Judges Days Apart

Judge Jones Remembered as ‘Quintessential Public Servant’

OCTOBER 7, 2021

Reflections from the Bench, Episode 6: Late Justice James Celebrezze

OCTOBER 1, 2021

Justice Stewart Receives Distinguished Legal Award

SEPTEMBER 23, 2021

Former Justice Andy Douglas Passes Away


Twelfth District Judge Hears Supreme Court Case


Evictions, Bail, COVID Emphasized in State of the Judiciary


Judges Appointed to Noble, Union County Benches

AUGUST 6, 2021

Fairfield Judge Reelected to National Mental Health Board

AUGUST 5, 2021

Franklin County Juvenile Judge Appointed

JULY 28, 2021

Butler County Judge Appointed

JULY 27, 2021

Justice Admonishes ‘Sentencing by Ambush’

JULY 26, 2021

I-Court Report Envisions an Innovative Future

JULY 16, 2021

Logan County Common Pleas Family Judge Appointed

JUNE 24, 2021

Lucas County Juvenile Judge Appointed

JUNE 21, 2021

Party or No Party? Justice, Appellate Judge to Discuss Political Designations

JUNE 16, 2021

Eighth District Judge Hears Oral Argument Virtually

JUNE 9, 2021

Eleventh District Court of Appeals Judge Appointed

JUNE 4, 2021

Prosecutor Appointed to Municipal Court Bench

JUNE 2, 2021

Drug Court’s HART-Felt Graduation

MAY 28, 2021

Serving Those Who Served: Founding Veterans Court Celebrates 10 Years

MAY 26, 2021

‘Life-Saving’ Work Highlighted in National Drug Court Month Video

Chief Justice Talks Empowerment at Cleveland Private Girls’ School

MAY 24, 2021

Justice Stewart Honored by Ohio Bar

MAY 21, 2021

Justice, Judges Stand by Value of Sentencing Database

MAY 19, 2021

New Juvenile Court Toolkit Aids Diversion

MAY 14, 2021

Appeal-ing Arguments: Justice Offers Keys for Supreme Court Cases

MAY 13, 2021

Glenn College Honors Chief Justice O’Connor

MAY 11, 2021

Sixth District Judge Hears Supreme Court Case

MAY 4, 2021

Judge Retires after Career of Empowering Overlooked Populations

APRIL 29, 2021

Ohio Black Judges Association Holds Inaugural Meeting

APRIL 22, 2021

Trailblazing Judge Using Treatment Courts for Reform

Cleveland Attorney Appointed to Municipal Court Bench

APRIL 21, 2021

Appellate Judge Receives New Appointment

APRIL 2, 2021

New Judges Appointed for Summit and Hamilton Counties

March 31, 2021

Ninth District Judge Sits on High Court

Judge Appointed to Fill Findlay Vacancy

March 12, 2021

Two Ohio Judges Appointed

Single Mom Makes the Most of Drug Court’s Second Chance

Justices Promote Kids Voting Initiative

March 9, 2021

Judge Powell Elected Appeals Group President

March 5, 2021

Chief Justice Defends Drug Courts in ACLU Letter

Summit Judge’s Life Reflections Drive Reforms

Supreme Court Oral Arguments Remain Virtual

March 2, 2021

Fifth District Judge Hears ECOT Case

February 19, 2021

Judges Appointed in Ashtabula, Lucas and Franklin Counties

February 18, 2021

Decades of Advocacy Spawn New Veterans Court

February 12, 2021

Magistrate Appointed Greene County Juvenile Judge

Former Justice James Celebrezze Dies at 83

February 10, 2021

Esteemed Judge Honored with Socially Distanced Sendoff

February 5, 2021

Retiring Judge Adds to Legacy with New Juvenile Drug Court

February 4, 2021

Judge Predicts a Remote Tech Future

February 1, 2021

Butler County Judge Robert Lyons Receives New Appointment

Justice Brunner’s Pioneering Path Continues on Supreme Court

January 29, 2021

Judge Tornichio Gets New Appointment

January 28, 2021

Ohio’s Founding Community Has Its First Certified Drug Court

January 27, 2021

Judge Pietrykowski Joins Oral Argument

January 26, 2021

Judge Delaney Joins Oral Argument

January 22, 2021

Tech Grant ‘Truly Helped Court through Pandemic’

January 14, 2021

Judge’s Decade-long Goal Realized with Mental Health Court

January 13, 2021

Three Visiting Judges Hear Oral Arguments Remotely

January 8, 2021

‘RISE’ in Awareness Leads to Ohio’s Fifth Human Trafficking Court

January 4, 2021

Justice Jennifer Brunner Sworn in to Ohio Supreme Court