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OCTOBER 2, 2023

Judge Examines Law’s Intricacies from Capitol Hill to Supreme Court

Acting Judge Appointed to Sandusky County Bench

SEPTEMBER 29, 2023

Attorney Appointed to Struthers Municipal Court Bench

Educating Students and Citizens About Appellate Courts

SEPTEMBER 28, 2023

Judge’s Decisions Show Respect for Law

AUGUST 23, 2023

Chief Justice Receives Award for Reentry Work

JULY 27, 2023

Belmont County Judge Appointed to Common Pleas Bench

JULY 25, 2023

Assistant Prosecutor Fills Vacant Lake County Judgeship

JULY 24, 2023

Career Examining Laws Begins With Family Business

JULY 21, 2023

Building Confidence Through Mentorships

JULY 12, 2023

Portrait Honors Six Decades of Service to Law

JULY 11, 2023

Prosecutor Appointed Vinton County Judge

JUNE 29, 2023

Judge Spends Decades Improving Courts

JUNE 26, 2023

Fourth District Judge Hears First Supreme Court Case

JUNE 13, 2023

Clerk of Court Appointed Barberton Municipal Judge

MAY 30, 2023

Exploration Inspires Assigned Judge

MAY 19, 2023

Federal Attorney Appointed to Eleventh District Bench

MAY 18, 2023

Assistant Prosecutor Appointed Montgomery County Judge

MAY 16, 2023

Retired Judge Educating on Justice System, Journalism

New Judges Learn How to Lead Their Communities

MAY 12, 2023

Attorney Appointed Tuscarawas County Judge

MAY 8, 2023

Sports Principles Also Apply to Judge’s Work

MAY 3, 2023

Pursuit of Excellence Leads Judge to Supreme Court

APRIL 26, 2023

Visiting Judge Credits Cousin for Life in Law

APRIL 14, 2023

Wayne County Magistrate Appointed Judge

APRIL 7, 2023

Family, Scout Values Shape Visiting Judge

APRIL 4, 2023

Civil Attorney Appointed Lake County Judge

MARCH 31, 2023

Lawyers Come Together for Career Transition

Prosecutor Appointed Coshocton County Juvenile and Probate Judge

MARCH 24, 2023

Attorney Appointed Paulding County Probate and Juvenile Judge

MARCH 22, 2023

Juvenile Court Honors Retired Chief Justice

MARCH 21, 2023

Longtime Prosecutor Appointed Clinton County Judge

MARCH 16, 2023

Attorney Appointed to Fayette County Probate and Juvenile Bench

FEBRUARY 17, 2023

Former Judge Appointed to Cleveland Municipal Bench

Changing of the Guard: First District Court of Appeals

JANUARY 18, 2023

Visiting Judge Living His Childhood Dream

JANUARY 13, 2023

Travel Influential in Judge’s Journey to Supreme Court